How DinnerData works for Venues


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Business Services

Book a Table : Online Ordering : Access to a Trade Area : Offer and Voucher Promotions

Marketing Services

Online Marketing and Social Media : Offline Marketing Campaigns : Host Groups and Events : Create Events : Have a Promotional Video

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General features

A Full Venue Profile : Access to DinnerData’s growing user audience : A free website included with membership

Business Services

Book a Table Service

image of DinnerData book a table request form

Our Book a Table service allows customers to request a table booking from you. You can decide how many covers you want to be available through this system,
and how close to the current time (in hours or days) you want places to be available via this route.

Once you have received a booking request as an email you can decide whether to accept, reject or propose a new time. Customers are asked to include their email and telephone contact details so you can get in touch with them. The Premium version of the service provides more control and your own site access to view and manage bookings directly.

Online Ordering Service

Pretty much as you might expect, you can offer your menu online for customers to order direct from.

DinnerData Members can take advantage of this service for a highly competitive fixed monthly payment
(opens in a new window).

There may be a small set-up fee as well, depending on how much work is involved in creating your menu initially.

Access to a Trade Area

The DinnerData Trade Area is aimed at providing you access to buy and sell products and services, either as an individual business or by benefitting from Group Buying power.

For example, if you produce your own bread, beer, sauces etc, or just happen to be overstocked on a particular item, the intention will be to enable you to see if you can find other buyers from within the business members of DinnerData.

The Group Buying concept has worked well in many areas, particularly in the residential energy sector, where by combining with others with the same need, we are able to present a highly attractive market to suppliers and as a result ensure greater discounts than could be achieved by any individual business on their own.

Offer and Voucher Promotions

It’s well known that many consumers are swayed into making a purchase based on getting a “bargain”. Particularly the branded chains are renowned for their discount vouchers.

By being part of DinnerData, you have the opportunity to run promotional voucher campaigns via us, allowing you to incentivise more business when you need it, whilst at the same time not having to worry about the mechanics of setting up and managing the voucher creation and distribution.

Marketing Services

Online Marketing and Social Media

We recognise that online activity is key in generating new business in today’s market. But for many of you, you’ll probably be far more interested in serving customers than serving up tweets or facebook likes.

So whether you are into your own social media and marketing campaigns or not, it’s good to know that DinnerData will be adding a whole lot more activity on your behalf.

Offline Marketing Campaigns

Of course not everyone is going to be reached via the Internet, so we have a host of campaigns planned including residential leaflet drops, magazine and newspaper advertising, and on into mainstream media like radio and, at some point, even TV.

All aimed at driving more business to your business, to help with those times when you’re not as busy as you’d like to be.

Option to HOST Groups and Events

This is where we will be promoting those venue members that have a particular interest in attracting groups to use them, via active promotions to users and user groups.

Whether you’re a venue, or a provider of catering services, this will aim to encourage social gatherings, birthday, wedding or anniversary events to use your business. And speaking of business, why not work with us to engage companies and organisations in your area to use you for departmental and other work events?

Option to CREATE Events

If you are the type of business that likes to get creative with attracting new business, such as wine evenings or tasting menu nights, then you may well be interested to know that you can use DinnerData to create and manage events.

By interacting on a more social level with users and user groups, you can quickly benefit from accessing the growing band of DinnerData users and add to your customer base.

Opportunity to have your own Promotional Video

With YouTube being widely recognised as the World’s second-largest search engine behind Google, having a video is a smart addition to your marketing portfolio.

image of DinnerData promotional slideshow video

We will put together on of our famous “Slideshow Videos” for you, and load it on to the DinnerData YouTube channel.

With Standard Founder Members able to have a video for well under £200, and Premium Founders for only £80, how good is that? Oh, and if you are wondering if we do any other kind of video, such as live HD filming and production, then yes we do.

See an example on our YouTube channel

General Features

A Full Venue Profile

A full venue profile will attract more attention, with images and contact details, background about you and the food you are passionate about.

Users of the site will be able to see your address, get directions, and learn more about key features you offer, for example whether you offer gluten-free options, are family / pet friendly, or provide free WiFi.

Please note: some features mentioned above are only available to Premium Members.

Access to DinnerData’s growing user audience

Our aim is to become a household name synonymous with the choice, variety and value that the independent sector in the UK represents.

As part of this, not only will we be generating publicity through our online and offline activities, but also we are targeting other social groups to dovetail our activities in with theirs, and grow the audience for your business.

Each user will have a downloadable electronic membership card, normally on their phone. By working with you to create incentives and offers to appeal to this DinnerData audience, our goal is to build your business in a way that is sustainable, affordable and attractive to all.

image of free website at

A free website included with membership

If you don’t already have a website, or would like a more modern, mobile-friendly twist to your online presence, then check out our FREE offer at (opens in a new window).

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