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We are so proud to have won 3 Awards for our BoTree Kampot Pepper at Great Taste 2017, the world’s most coveted food awards. 

Bo Tree Farm is a family owned, 100% organic farm, on the south coast of Cambodia in the province of Kampot.

The primary crop on Bo Tree Farm is organic pepper, though we also grow a variety of fruit including mango, jackfruit, mangosteen, durian, coconut palms and rambutan. We also grow turmeric and ginger, the former being a notable health food that, when taken together with pepper, becomes even more valuable to the human body.

Most of the workers on the farm are family members, though seasonally we employ people from the whole local community to assist at times of high activity - plucking the flowers from newly planted pepper vines and, of course, during the pepper harvest that normally takes place between March and May.

We do not employ children on the farm though, as is Cambodian custom, often the children of family members and resident workers will join in voluntarily when the activity becomes a social event. In particular this may occur during the harvest time when everyone gathers around to help with the pepper sorting.

Bo Tree Farm is wholly owned by a Scottish-Cambodian family. We currently employ over 20 workers - many of whom are family members on the Khmer side, who receive free lodging and food as well as higher than average salaries for the sector.

KampotPepper Direct is again a family business importing our pepper to the UK, we send regular shipments to our family home in Scotland where it is sold widely across the UK.  

Our pepper is vacuum packed before it leaves the farm ensuring that it arrives to you as fresh as the day it left us. 

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